Monday, December 15, 2008

A little note to say: STAY TUNED FOR TRADING
It hasn't been possible yet to post a trade session because there is interest....just not enough. For those of you who offered a trade, Thanks and please keep your trade in mind for next time! I tried to get a group together for a listing to be posted today, but there needs to be more offers.

I will update the blog with my idea of when and how to get the first and best trade session started as soon as more volume of interest comes.

Please keep following.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

First Trade "Shout out" for participation

Okay Trading Friends,
I have followers but no comittments. I will be waiting to see your emails with your items for trade in my inbox ( by midnight on the 16th of Dec.
I have plenty of interest and still hope to have all of you sending out emails and telling your awesomely talented friends about this trade blog. I have a trade, yes, I am participating. We may have to tweak a few things to see how this works. I know it will. I have followed blogs of similar idea in the past. I've read nothing but fun and positive about them. PLEASE help me get this off the ground.
Comments and suggestions appreciated!