Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Trade Time --- Yeah! (date changed)

Okay, so lets try this trade thing! Thanksgiving food and some time to contemplate your trade, that's all you need now.
This trade was very short, but due to low response I'm now extending it. Normally I will give about 6 weeks between commitment date to trade date. The trade commitment deadline for this session will be extended into the new year.
Trade Commitment Deadline Dec 16th
Must have email in my inbox by midnight Dec 16th
I will post trade listings Friday Dec 17th
Watch for them and notify me as soon as you see somebody's fabulous trade offer that you want.
Your item must be shipped to your trade partner by Jan 22nd.
I'll expect mixed response to this first shot, but lets try it and have some fun.
I'll be watching my inbox.
See previous post and sidebar if you want details on how to trade.
Remember to spread, spread, spread the word. It will be fun

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Who's ready to trade some goods?

I had this idea. I hope it works. I think it will be super fun and awesome word of mouth for all of us who create "THINGS".
Examples of things you may trade- Home Decor, Cards, Scrapbook pages, Paper crafts, Jewelry, Aprons, Baby bibs, Blankets, Photo Sittings, Digital Card Design, Blog Design, Childrens Clothes, Accessories, Bags-Totes-Purses, Art, Holiday decor, Magnets, Frames, Baby Accessories (hats, headbands, tights,), Soaps, Candles, Body Lotions, Recipe books, Snacks and treats, Cake Decorating, Coupons for services, ... the list could go on.
So, in simple terms here's what you do if you are interested.
Once you see a "Trading Time" post with the dates and deadlines....

1. Leave a comment that you are committed to a trade.

2. Email me a short description and pics if possible of what you will be offering in the trade.

3. Include: value $$ so that you will know which trade bracket you will be trading in, your name, shipping address, email, and web address to a more information site if you have one.

4. Watch for upcoming post this Traders of Homeades blog for trade listings. (I will do my best to list the trade brackets the day after sign up deadline)

5. Once you've found something you want to trade, contact me with your suggested trade and I will notify your trader.

6. As soon as I receive confirmation to an agreed trade I will send you both the info you will need to send your items and finish the "trade transaction"

7. I will also then mark your offered trade as *traded* on the post listing.
8. Construct your product or prepare to ship your goods. PLEASE be diligent and have your package in the mail before or by the ship date. That's only fair for all involved.

I hope that there will be a great response which will allow more trading options. The only + cost to you is the shipping to whomever you agreed to trade with. Just be sure to send it off by the deadline shipping date to keep everyon in SMILES!
Happy Trading! :) Watch for Trade Time SOON!